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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:Michigan, United States of America
I am a writer of fiction, transformative prose, and a reader of fiction and non-fiction.

I am a conference organizer by necessity, a medievalist by training, and a potter by passion.

I am old enough to know better, but young enough to avoid injuring myself in the process.

E Carnell

I love the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, all of it - the artistry, the company, the people, the dedication to community and intellectual punch and the scents and... well, all of it. I can't recommend them highly enough, truly.

(A note for fellow BPAL lovers: my favorite discontinued GC scent of all time is Phantom Queen - I am always looking for more, so if you see any please let me know.)

I write fanfic. (Yeah, I know. Deal.) I'm also a member of the admin team at The Petulant Poetess, a moderated online fiction archive dedicated to Harry Potter Fanfiction (also original stories and poetry) that actively guides and encourages new--and seasoned--authors and provides the reader with a library full of well-written stories. I've been known to give formal presentations at cons--at some point I really should archive those essays somewhere...

The Language of Flowers, featured story at Sycophant Hex-Lumos, June 2009
To Ev'ry Wandering Bark, A Star, featured story at Sycophant Hex-Eros & Sappho, Sept. 2009
Ode to the Daimonic; or, Peace to Thy Gentle Shade, featured story at Sycophant Hex-Eros & Sappho, Jan. 2010

Rec'ed by Know It Alls (The Frog Prince)Rec'ed by The New Library (The Language of Flowers) Rec'ed by Coffee and Chocolate (Mentoring, The End To ‘Always’ Evermore)

Note: the Potterverse was created by J.K. Rowling -- I just like to play with her toys.

No body, no portrait, no ghost.

Interests (172):

alan rickman, alchemy, alternative rock, alternative/industrial, anglo-saxon elegiac poetry, anti-heroes, arcana, archaeology, art is resistance, asd, autism spectrum, bas-relief, being real, big black delta, billy connolly, black light burns, black phoenix alchemy lab, blustery days, bpal, celtic knotwork, ceramic sculpture, ceramics, chiaroscuro, chihuly, chiron, clay, coffee, colophons, complex characters, da vinci, dark beer, dark chocolate, dark humor, daydreaming, deadmaus, demonology, dürer, early electronica/synthpop, early modern history, edgar allen poe, ephemera, erotica, figuring out my shit, flogging molly, florence & the machine, foul mouth.&.dirty mind, gary numan, gentileschi, gin & tonic, giotto, gogol bordello, half-blood prince, handbuilt ceramics, heresy, high middle ages, history of alchemy, history of alchemy/astrology/magic, history of astrology, history of magic, hogwarts, honesty, horsehair raku, how to destroy angels, i.have too many freckles, i.will the.same, imogen heap, indie folk, industrial rock, inquisition, international.congress on medieval studies, jk rowling, johann sebastian bach, joy division, jrr tolkien, justice, kalamazoo, kennings, kiln catalogs are pr0n, klimt, laughter, leaving beauty wake, led zeppelin, lightning, ludwig van beethoven, magic, malleus maleficarum, medieval astrology and magic, medieval folklore and literature, medieval history, medieval studies, modigliani, monty python's flying circus, mythology, navigating.the.divide.btween introvert & extrovert, neil gaiman, nicholas eymerich, nine inch nails, noise that means something, non-callipygian, old school punk, pagan, parenting non-neurotypical children, partial trisomy 16p, penn & teller, pernicious blasphemer, picatrix, pink floyd, planetary magic, porcelain, portishead, post-punk, potions masters, potter's wheel, pottery, progressive-house, radiohead, raku, ravenclaw, reading, renaissance astrology, renaissance astrology and magic, renaissance magic, renoir, rossetti, rubens, saggar firing, salt glaze, sarcasm, severus snape, sgrafitto, sincerity, siouxie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, sisyphus, skinny puppy, skyrim, snark, social history, societas magica, sped momzilla, squirrel nut zippers, steel-boned corsets, stoneware, storytelling, suffering no fool gladly, swing revival, talismans, terra sigillata, the cure, the glass that distorts, the jesus.and.mary.chain, the magnetic fields, the ramones, the the, the.cold side of the.pillow, thema mundi, thinking, thunderstorms, tolkien, transformative works, translation/transmission of magic texts, trent reznor, unrepentant fat broad, w shakespeare, walking in the rain, william shakespeare, wit, words, world of warcraft, writing, ye olde schools folk/psychobilly/pop/cow-punk, yeah yeah yeahs
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